About SpikezArt

Thank you Mr Doodle

My name is Guy Lewis and I use the nick name, Spikez and, SpikezArt for my audio visual art production.


As a child my nickname was Spike. I’m using that name again to go back to my roots as I loved art as a child and found it then, as I do now, therapeutic, fulfilling and rooted deeply into the core of who I am.

Around 20 years ago I found myself in a rural location as the main carer for my three young children, having left a good job and income. There was little opportunity for me to earn where I was from the career skills I had developed in the city so I had to work out what I was going to do to gain an income as well as define my future.

I spent too long exploring all sorts of arts, crafts and trades. Eventually, while working as a psychotherapist, separately I begun gaining traction with digital music publishing.

Fifteen years later and burnt out from a constantly challenging production deadlines I’m now moving to fuse my animation and music into audio-visual productions and putting a lot of focus on direct buyers of art.

What motivates me

I find colour and sound very emotionally engaging and so look to evoke positive uplifting, as well as calming moods for people with my artwork.

My aims

I’ve lived for many years fairy autonomous in my business apart from my need for the business client relationships to continue.

However these are as much a burden in terms of their risk as they are a gift retaining my autonomy. But it’s time for me to change and become more autonomous by moving into the consumer world of building audiences that I can serve and develop a mutual loyalty with.

My artistic direction

I am exploring how animations can react to music. My first collection focuses around natures way of spreading its seed. My next collection will focus on photosynthesis. animating these particles by colour, opacity, speed, size or more, can provide a therapeutic experience that can help people with stress and anxiety.

Previous to my work as a music producer I spent some time as a psychotherapist helping people with behavioural needs, many of which revolved around stress, so I find the therapeutic nature of the productions have additional value to an audience.

The collections I want to develop range from 3D, audio animated to static 2d pieces. They are all tokenised and therefore can be collected in your crypto wallet with additional media to be presented on your phone or on large screens at home or in your workplace. They are always sold with the rights to do this without any additional performing royalties due for composition or musical works.

My background in music

I knew from an early age I was a more emotional person than people around me. I didn’t know why and don’t really think I know why now, or that it matters. It’s just the way I was built.

Music was one of those things that evoked emotion in very positive ways that I could step into and enjoy. I joined bands and left bands but on my way found the most rewarding experience was to create something from within myself rather than collaboratively.


Radiate. From the Eden collection.

Music has always felt mono in that it comes with no visual compliment with the way it is produced and presented to audiences, other than those productions with money to create short videos.

This was always something I felt was missing with the experience. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s I discovered Macromedia Flash, (now Adobe Animate) and explored animation.

I was inspired at how clever people were using code with Flash to make animations that were triggered by the music but could not, at the time find a way to achieve this myself.

With the development of Adobe’s After Effects I found a way to finally combine music and animation in the way that I feel is natural to a multi sensory experience.

For fifteen years now I have produced music for business with a fast production workflow I’ve developed to suit my needs. The challenger with this market is that it’s about variety and volume which is hard to keep producing year after year.

So for me it’s time to change to a new channel, direct to art lovers, with a production workflow that majors on the quality of the experience and less on the volume of production.

I recently read a launch press release from an artistic collaboration that mentioned ‘artistic autonomy’. This is a wonderful concept. I’ve had autonomy for many years and it has become so important to me. I hope I can get true artistic autonomy through selling directly to art fans.


  • Traditional artists such as Mark Rothko & Gustav Klimt,
  • The Aphex Twin animation, long disappeared from the Internet,
  • Electronic & punk music,
  • Grafitti art,
  • Character design,
  • Totems,
  • Colour, vibrant or absent,
  • Dark fantasy and neo-gothic surrealism art genres I find particularly moody and emotion evoking,
  • Cartoons and animations,
  • Doodle art.

Thank you for reading. Please reach out to me on social media or via the contact form via the menu above.