Particles of Life:Eden

Pollinate by ©SpikezArt

Eden: Collection One

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Life has a way of using all possible means available to it to spread its seed. Pollination via wind, tides, heat rising, animals and insects to name a few.

My Particles of Life series focuses around imaginary minute worlds where life wants to spread and grow. Where opinions don’t exist and life is governed by, and leverages the physics of nature.

Each piece in this collection of animations is synchronised to ambient music that imagines how particles can interact with sound and music.The particles form shapes and layers, changing colour over time or trigger by the audio.

Without deadlines I can get into a lot of detail in terms of the sounds used and the forces driving the animation.

Some layers of particles are synchronised to the audio while others maintain a routine to provide some consistency and a feeling of a journey along the musical path.

Cropped version of the full 1080p HD final cut.

Copies and Future Releases

Each of the Eden collection has three copies only. In terms of the future I have structured this as a collection under the title of Particles of Life series with the possibility I will do more. But for now I have so many ideas I really dont want to do any more of the same work. My ADHD-Inattentive seems to be the driver to make me get bored very quickly with things that dont offer me a lot of new things to learn, or give me some form of excitement to drive me forward.


The workflow commonly follows a number of key stages:

Idea and doodle: I have an idea in mind and Im challenged to turn that visualisation into something digitally real. The driver may be a visualisation of the music, or the music is produced to compliment the visualisation.

Development: once the concept has shape, the music is produced and the sync instrument is clear and has a dynamic affect on the animation, I can now focus on adding layers of animation that match the music.

Testing & tuning: Getting everything right and when Im happy I leave it alone for a few days. I then come back and decide its just not enough so start to try out making things more radical which requires more testing.

Wow! phase: Finally, I have something that I love and find draws me into watching the animation. I hope this is how others will experience it.

Rendering phase: HD1020p, plus a number of difference px sizes for promo and presentation.

Go Public: Do I really want to show this work to the world? maybe just present in my gallery for a while?

Selling: I love the act of selling a piece of work simply because art feels so personal the act of selling feels like you are giving away some of my emotion and energy. To let a piece be sold as a one off or a small run is always an emotional experience on its own.

Cropped version of the full 1080p HD final cut.

Art Packages

Unless otherwise stated the pieces are:

  • 32 second audio visual productions of UHD 4K, ACC 320kbs 48khz stereo audio.
  • Full version of the musical piece used across the collection.
  • PDF doc explaining license of use. All these pieces have a full commercial license with no additional performing royalties due for public performance for the musical works, the composition or the video.

The productions are either sold as one of a kind or of a strictly limited print release.

The pieces are subject to agreeing to the terms of the resale royalty of 10%.